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About Us

Who is DB Consulting Engineers?

Get to know our team, our vision, and what makes us tick.

Our vision is simple: quality work on time.

As for the rest – DB Consulting Engineers is a happy, interesting, ethical place to work, where team members are developed to their highest level. This is reflected in our work and the client experience. Staff, their families, and our customers are valued. The company is profitable and continues steady growth into new areas.

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Health & Safety comes first

DB Consulting Engineers has driven many improvements to ensure that the health and safety in our workplace is of the highest priority.

We have in place a Health and Safety Management System which has been certified as compliant with the Australian, New Zealand Standard (ASNZ4801).

In order to keep our employees safe, and to maintain our responsibilities under current health and safety legislation, hazard identification, control and management are paramount. Prior to sending our engineers and technicians on site to carry out engineering inspections and fieldwork, we will research relevant health and safety information for your site. This may include ringing you for site specific information and in some cases contracting site services locators.

We are committed to quality work on time, completed safely and without injury.



Our Branding

In 2018, we transformed our brand to signify strength by the use of geometrical forms, and ‘outside of the box’ thinking for clients. Our brand marks the beginning of a new chapter with senior team members buying into the business, while remaining rooted to our core fundamentals of innovation, strength and people.

The Elements

  • Triangles: The triangles symbolise strength – built up by 35 years of business, a robust team, and demonstrated success in delivering in both structural and civil engineering.
  • Open Box: The open box is one that we strive to think outside of – driving innovation in design.
  • Colours: Blue and yellow represent our two main services – structural and civil engineering, which overlap to to show the merging of these services i.e. foundations & retaining walls.
The birth of Derek Booth Consultancy in Taupo.
Derek Booth Consultancy completes the iconic Taupo Bungy Engineering.
New premises on Spa Road.
Sacred Waters project completed.
Derek Booth Consultancy Ltd completes the Gravity Canyon Flying Fox – the world’s most extreme flying fox spanning 1 kilometre and reaching speeds of up to 160km/hour.
Derek Booth Consultancy becomes DB Consulting Engineers.
Hamilton and Auckland offices open.
Tui Tauranga project completed. Full Geotech Engineering Service starts.
Waihaha Suspension Bridge GLT opens.
Finalist in the Taupo Business Awards. Winner of the Icehouse Business Boost Award. DB Consulting Engineers complete third Great Lake Relay.
Stella Awards Finalist for Star Performer.
2017 New premises on Titiraupenga Street. Finalist in the Taupo Business Awards.

Online Payments

DB Consulting Engineers Online Credit Card Payment facility now available. Please go to our Payments Page to make a credit card payment. Your invoice number will be required.
There is a 2.5% surcharge for payments by credit card.


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